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Server Info

Server Rates

Exp Rate(Lv1-10): 4x

Exp Rate(Lv10-30): 8x

Exp Rate(Lv30-60): 12x

Drop Rate: 2x

Quest Kinah: 10x

AP Rate: 1x

DP Rate: 1x

Player Commands

.noexp (deactivate experience gained)

.givemissingskills (learn any missing class skills)

.dye <dye color|hex color|remove> (dye equipped items using kinah)

.unstuck (return to last bindpoint)

.dropinfo (show npc drops)

.morph cancel (cancel transformation appearance)

.try <item id> (preview an item's appearance)


Forum Support

For Forum Support visit us at Gamez Aion Forum

Common Solutions

Before asking for help, please read the Common Solutions below first.

This program is unavailable in your country.

We only support the North American client.

Remove your L10N folder from the game path, then click Check on your launcher

Failed to Initialize the game.

Your Client contains modified or broken files.
Remove your game path folder and re-download the game

No game server is available to the authorization server.

You are missing files necessary to connect, please use the launcher file checker.

Start the GamezAION.exe Launcher as Administrator.

Having Problems with our Launcher?

Download the latest launcher here

Experience lag or stutter while moving the mouse?

Open task manager and close the NVIDIA Container process

Found a Bug or Exploit Ingame?

Please Report it here